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Big Maths

From September, the school will be using Big Maths, a program  based on 5 simple principles, that are, at the end of the day, just common sense:


1. Children become numerate through following a natural sequence of

    progression. An example, to know double 70, they need to know double

    7 first (Progression Drives).


2. Children need to have basic skills to be able to use basic skills. Before they

    can 'use and apply' skills, they need to have those basic skills.


3.  Children gain these basic skills through CLIC:



         Learn Its

         It's Nothing New  



4. Children need a structured, and regular, basic skills sessions - little and

    often. This will be delivered in daily sessions.


5. Consistency. The journey starts in Reception, and is planned and tracked,

    until the end of Year 6.    


Click on the image to find games to help you with your Learn It's


  10 Counting Progress Drives No of Steps
1 Saying Number 5
2 Reading Number 11
3 Partioning 5
4 CORE Numbers 10
5 Counting Skills 5
6 Actual Counting 6
7 Counting On 5
8 Counting Multiples 9
9 Count Fourways 7
10 Counting Along 7



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