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Help for you to Understand Maths

Practice your angle measuring skills


There are 3 Levels: 0 -90, 0 - 180, 0 - 360


Click to start the game, then click to stop when you think you reached the Target Angle



Practice your negative number skills



 This can be used for Times Tables, Multiples and Division with Remainders




The next 2 games are to help you with Mean, Mode, Median and Range



Improve your understanding of Carroll Diagrams. They can help your understanding of multiples, more or less and odd and even.


Use the table to help solve the answers and save the universe!




Can you solve the problems and move the frogs



Here are some interactive programs to help with the children's learning, and to help parents understand maths that they might find confusing



   Bead Stick Instructions                  Counting Instructions                 Place Value Instructions    



  Number Line Instructions             Number Grid Instructions       Ordering Number Instructions



Number Spinner Instructions         Twenty Card Instructions              Fraction Instructions