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Summer Term 2015

On Tap!


In science we will be finding out:


  • The importance of collecting scientific evidence.
  • Some of the effects of what they learn about water on people’s lives.
  • The processes and conditions that have an effect on living things.
  • Know that temperature is a measure of heat.
  • Know about the changes that occur when materials are mixed.
  • Know that some substances dissolve in water and others do not.
  • How to distinguish between solids, liquids and gases.
  • How to separate insoluble solids from liquids by filtering.


In Geography we will be finding out:


  • How particular localities have been affected by human activities.
  • How particular localities have been affected by natural features and processes.
  • How to use geographical terms.
  • How to describe the main geographical features of the area immediately surrounding the school.
  • How to make simple maps and plans of familiar locations.
  • How to use maps at a variety of scales to locate the position and geographical features of particular localities.
  • Be able to use secondary sources to obtain geographical information.
  • Be able to express views on the features of an environment and the way it is being harmed or improved.
  • Be able to communicate their geographical knowledge and understanding to ask and answer questions about geographical and environmental features.
  • Understand how places fit into a wider geographical context.
  • Understand that the quality of the environment can be sustained and improved.


How much water do you need to make everyday objects we take for granted?

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