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World of Work

World of Work aims to inspire children to find the right career for them.


This term we have started with a visit to Tesco at Copdock. The staff have explained their roles and how they got to where they are. Look at their visits Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.


Ranelagh Road hosted WoW this year - many thanks to Mr Crump for his efforts. Big thanks to the companies that gave-up their time to give interesting and informative sessions with the children. These were:


The Police - with their ARV

Ipswich Veterinary Centre - with their guinea pigs

Colchester Zoo - with their bearded dragon


Hammond Group Ford

Colchester Catering Services



As a result of  Dragon's Apprentice in 2015 at The Willows, this has now been taken on by most of the cluster schools, which is really exciting. In the Dragon's Apprentice 2016 each school will hold their own competition, and then the top 3 from each school will go against the top companies from other schools in the final at Chantry Academy on 12th July 2016. whilst this is part of the World of Work initiative, it is a really good as part of transition with the High School.

Last year Year 5 visited the Oaks on Wednesday 10th June.


The format of the morning was:
- the children were split into smaller groups of about 5
- there were a number of employers in the room 
- each group will got 15mins approx. with each employer to find out about them

   and undertake a short activity

 World of Work for Parents
To help the children to begin to understand what you need to think about how to launch a new idea, they are taking part in the Dragon's Apprentice. 

Year 5 and 6 took part in the Dragon's Apprentice (click link). 


On the 17th July Year 5 and 6 went to the ' Willows Market Place' to sell their ideas to the rest of the school and the parents and staff. They had to come-up with an idea, conduct market research and cost the production and cost of sale, to be able to make a profit. They then had to produce posters, TV Ads, Radio Ads and PowerPoints, to promote their products.


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