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This year we are studying the following topics:


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7.7.16 The children have been retelling the story of The Rainbow Fish

12.7.16 And in art they have created what they think the Rainbow Fish will look like

10.6.16 The Willows celebrated th Queen's 90th Birthday


19.5.16 1
19.5.16 2
Picture 1


28.4.16 1

21.4.16 Today the Queen Celebrates her 90th Birthday.

She is our longest reigning monarch. The BBC have put together pictures - one for every year of her life.


21.4.16 Looking at the Royal Family in history

21.4.16 Looking at the Royal Family in history 1

12.2.16 Subtracting by Preston, Katarzyna and Riley

CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

9.2.16 Internet Safety Day. This cartoon 'Lee & Kim' is designed to show children how to keep safe whilst online.

28.1.16 Parents working with their children, to record how their bean is growing in their 'Bean Diary'

17.11.15 Draw character and write a sentence

17.11.15 Taking away and counting on

 Click on Pudsey to play his games

22.10.15 The Willows Tag Rugby Tournament

22.10.15 The Willows Tag Rugby  Tournament 1
22.10.15 The Willows Tag Rugby  Tournament 2
To see more pictures of the Rugby Tournament click here.

21.9.15 the children were introduced to Mathletics by Year 6

17.9.15 RE

 Practice your typing skills.
 Help the Angry Bird ( and practice your Coding).