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Welcome to Year 6!


This year we are studying the following topics :


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23.6.16 Dragon's Apprentice has started! Companies formed, products decided on.


22.6.16   1
22.6.16   2
22.6.16   3
22.6.16   4
22.6.16   5
22.6.16   6

10.6.16 As part of The Willows celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday, Year 6 wrote newspaper reports

Diary Dates

23.5.16 The children visited the Control Tower at Martlesham Heat. As well as a tour of the airfield and the control tower they got to talk to aWW2 evacuee.

As a result of the visit to MHAS, here is some of the work produced from the inspiration given to the children by the visit

6.5.16 Tesco are in this week, providing breakfast for Year 6

MHAS  23rd May
 Crucial Crew 15th June

 High School Transition Days 5th and 6th July




21.4.16 Today the Queen Celebrates her 90th Birthday.

She is our longest reigning monarch. The BBC have put together pictures - one for every year of her life.


They arrived safely at Thorpe Woodlands

They arrived safely at Thorpe Woodlands 1

13.04.16 Wednesday's Activities

Thorpe Woodlands


Year 6 Residential Trip is from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th April. If you want to look at the facilities on the site, click on the link below.



There will be a letter coming out, and a meeting for parents on Thursday 25th February, to explain what will be happening and discuss any concerns. Below is a kit list.  

Picture 1
 The children are looking at adaption and evolution
 Find out more about Darwin

13.1.16 Visiting Tesco to learn about 'Farm to Fork' as part of World of Work


25.11.15 Currently the children are learning about the brain, how they learn - how they take information into the brain - and how they process that information inside their heads.


The different ways we process                          Your brain is the supercomputer that generates all your

information inside our heads.                             thoughts, memories, dreams, emotions and ideas. Click on the 

Learn more about them,                                     link to learn more about the brain, and see how to turn up the 

and if you want to try the test!                         power. 

22.10.15 The final of The Willows Rugby Tournament was held today. The final score was Liverpool 20 vs the Blue Sharks 25

22.10.15 The final of The Willows Rugby Tournament was held today. The final score was Liverpool 20 vs the Blue Sharks 25 1
To see more pictures of the Rugby Tournament click here.

22.10.15 Year 6 visit Chantry Academy

Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

9.2.16 Internet Safety Day. This video is from CEOPs Thinkuknow education programme, to help children to understand what constitutes personal information. It enables children to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world.







Remon 1


Tyrell 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Prime numbers and Multiplies

Yann Arthus Betrand pictures, his view of the earth from the air.

21.9.15 Today, Year 6 show Year 1 how to use Mathletics

 At the moment the children are beginning to learn about coding.

They are starting with Angry birds


They are then moving on to Lightbot or Tynker


And then Scratch




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