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2014-2015 Dragon's Apprentice

            It's Done!!
17th July 2015
This afternoon Year 5 and 6 went to the 'Willows Market Place' to sell their ideas to the rest of the school. Please check-out the TV Ads, Radio Ads and PowerPoints below. These were part of what they used to persuade investors.


Here are the final results


1 Supreme Surprise £ 26,200
2 R.B.T.K. £ 25,000
3 FPGB £ 19,800
4 Text Star £ 15,000
5 Crafty Cakes £ 14,200
6 F.F.F.F. £ 13,800
7 No More Bullies £ 10,400
8 First Choice £  8,200
9 JellyTastic £  7,400


What do TV Adverts cost? Click here to find out

What do TV Adverts cost? Click on the TV to find out.

Here are their TV adverts:

Crafty Cakes

Still image for this video

Text Star Work TV Advert

Still image for this video

FPGB Team TV Advert

Still image for this video

Fun Fasty TV Advert

Still image for this video

First Choice TV Advert

Still image for this video

First Choice TV Advert

Still image for this video

JellyTastic TV Advert

Still image for this video

Delicious Cake Company

Still image for this video

RKBR TV Advert

Still image for this video

No More Bullies TV Advert

Still image for this video
Here are the companies' Radio Adverts

Text Star Work Radio Advert



Delicious Cake


First Choice

Here are the companies PowerPoints explaining their projects they want you to invest in:


Text Star Work


First Choice Disco Lightbulb

First Choice Chilli Apple

Delicious Cakes

Delicious Surprise Cakes

No More Bullies

The children have had to come-up  with a new idea. Once they have done this, they must conduct market research. This information must be presented using Excel. They must build their prototype. 


They will produce a PowerPoint to explain their invention to investors. 


To let the whole school know about the product, they must advertise it, using a TV advert, a radio advert and a poster.


A spreadsheet will be used to show investors how profitable the product is.


On Friday 17th July there will be a Market Place, in front of he whole school. Every child will have 'Willows Pounds' to invest. The Company with the most invest will win.

The Top 10 Skills Employers Look For

 by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. 


 1. You listen, talk and write to other workers effectively.

 2. You gather and analyse information. 

 3. You use computers and other technical devices to help you achieve a goal.

 4. You are flexible so you adapt when things change and new challenges arise.

 5. You motivate and inspire other workers and help them to solve  


 6. You make sure the work gets completed and that team members feel

     valued and happy in their job. 

 7. You relate well to people who think differently to you. 

 8. You design, plan, organise and finish projects and tasks on time. 

 9. You find solutions to problems using your creativity, reasoning, and past

     experiences along with the available information and resources. 

10. You work well with others in a professional way.



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