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If you have any concerns about anything on this website, any other websites you or your family and friends visit, or anyone that contacts you through a website, please click on this button to register your concern. You can speak to anyone in the school with your concerns. In particular Mrs Green is responsible for online safety.

Red Nose Day 24th March




Click on the link to play games and find out more about Comic Relief

Picture 1
Picture 1

Ask before you watch - Safer Internet Day 2017 film for 5-7 year olds

Red and Murphy talk to Freddie and Alisha about watching videos online. What should children do before they watch videos on YouTube and what should they do if they see something upsetting online? This film accompanies our Safer Internet Day 2017 education pack for for 5-7 year olds.

The bigger picture - Safer Internet Day 2017 film for 7-11 year olds

The film looks at the power of images online - how an image can create an impression and how often there is more than meets the eye in an image. How sometimes you can judge an image by seeing just a part of it and so the importance of taking in the whole, bigger, picture.

12.12.16 The children have been studying the Victorians

History of Electricity

How AC power changed the world

Benjamin Franklin - Top 8 Real Facts You Didn't Know

Try some of Pudsey's games by clicking on the logo

Pudsey yourself up!

Anti-bullying week 14th - 18th November. To find out more click on the link.

19.10.16 The children have been looking at volcanoes. Today they mad some erupt

28.9.16 A great morning in the Planetarium

On Wednesday 28th September there is a mobile planetarium coming into the school. Check out these pictures from National Geographic of the night sky

At the start of the year we want the children to focus on how they learn and their attitude to learning. The children will learn about the brain, how they learn - how they take information into the brain - and how they process that information inside their heads.


This site looks at the different                         Your brain is the supercomputer that generates all your

ways we process  information                             thoughts, memories, dreams, emotions and ideas. Click on the 

inside our heads. Learn more                              link to learn more about the brain, and see how to turn up the about them,  and if you want to try the test!      power. 

This half term the children are learning to use different computer programs to make and edit music. Here are links to those programs and some of their work.

Create musical journeys from the road layout.

 This is a link to changing sounds activity
 Practice your typing skills.