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Start of the day: 8:45am


Department of Education guidelines suggest that your child should be able to achieve 96% attendance. Allowing for the usual coughs and colds, this is our expectation for all pupils. We see the encouragement of punctuality and good attendance as important qualities in your child’s educational journey. As a school we do all that we can to ensure maximum and punctual attendance for all pupils. We hold monthly meetings with our Education Welfare Officer to review attendance across the school; looking at;

• Low attendance,

• Poor attendance patterns such as disrupted weeks,

• Lateness

• Reasons for absence.

Actions that follow are varied depending on each individual circumstance, these might include a meeting with the Deputy Head teacher, Family Support Leader or the Education Welfare Officer in  the first instance,  moving to  a legal response, if improvement has not been made.

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Children should not be kept off school for vague symptoms such as tiredness or headache. However, a child who is obviously unwell at the beginning of the day should not be sent to school. In consideration of your own child and others:

• Please do not send your child to school within 48 hours of the last occasion of vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

• Please do not send your child with any infectious diseases even if they seem well – they will be sent home and you will be asked to seek medical advice/ medication.


Should your child become ill during the day you will be contacted through your designated contact number. If your child’s attendance drops below 93% medical evidence (usually a letter from your GP) will be required in order to authorise further medical absences.


Absence : If your child is absent it is important that you telephone the school office on each day that they are unable  to attend. Where a reason for an absence is not provided this will be marked as Unauthorised. Unauthorised absences are discussed with the Education Welfare Officer, and can result in prosecution and fines.


You will receive a warning letter if your child drops below 96%. Then another at 93%.  We may inform the Education Welfare Officer that these letters have been sent; a decision will be made whether or not a referral will be made.



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Absence Requests: Requests for absence during term time can only be made where a situation is exceptional and unavoidable. For further details please see the school’s Attendance Policy or a member of the administration team.