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Reception RF

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Our curriculum in the Early Years comes from 'Development Matters'.

When you come in you will see...

What fun we are having in the forest - Kacie made some food - then we all built a shelter and had a picnic... Fabulous Learning!

In the Spring term our 'Magic Train Ride' role play area, took us through many different imaginative lands.

Our 'Big Floor Book' lets us all get involved in our learning - speaking / listening and writing. Look how it has developed over the year...

Phase 4 Tricky word game.

What 'Areas of Learning' will you find in our classroom?

Writing Area
Literacy Table
Writing Area
Construction Area
Construction Area
Small World
Small world
Science growing table
Creative Area
Malleable Area
Malleable Area
Role Play
Sand Play
Water Play
Listening Area
Maths Area
Maths Area
Number Table
Reading Area
Reading Area

In 'Reception Frank' we have been really busy with our learning.  

Look at some of the things we have achieved...

Phase 3 Tricky words.

Phase 2 Tricky word trucks for you to read, spell and write.

Some phonics games to play at home.

Look at our phonics PowerPoint and listen to the sound by clicking on the speaker