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School Council 2016 - 2017

Meet our School Council

This is why we wanted to be on the School Council 


Isla- I have never been a councillor and wanted to find out what it’s like


Sebastian- I have really good ideas.


Kuba- I am good at listening and I like to talk.


Lacey- I would like to learn lots of new things


Kamen- I have good ideas, good plans and I am helpful.


Florance- I am responsible and helpful to all my friends.


Preston- I want to learn lots of new things.


Grace- I think being a councillor is an important job.


Harry- I want to improve school by fundraising.


Eve- I will be kind to everyone.


Kai- I will pass on good ideas from my friends.


Elham- I am kind, helpful, respectful and will look out for people.


Callum- I will always listen, pass on ideas and not leave any one out.


Morgan- I want to introduce new clubs and raise money for the swimming pool.


Hannah- I will include everyone and make sure everyone has fun and is happy.


Mikey- I will listen to my peers and put ideas forward.


Kodie- I will listen well and see that people’s ideas are listened to.


Alicia- I would like to raise money for trips and other fundraising projects.


Maria- I will help my class mates out as much as I can.


Alexandra- I will help and support other charities.

Our WEEKLY agenda! 



School Council Agenda from Weekly Meetings (2017-2018):


Initiatives proposed by councillors for future development:

Create a fruit/veg garden scheme

Fundraising for football team

Friendship Bench


On-going projects developed by previous year councillors:

Raisin sale for KS2 pupils

Involvement in environmental issue- plastic problem



Projects that are in progress/completed:

Pathway monitors-completed

Christmas tree design for St Mary Le Tower Church Christmas Tree Festival (KS1)-completed

Christmas Hat competition (KS1)-completed

Cake sale organised for Children in Need-completed

Fundraising for playground equipment-on-going